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The Search for the ITALIA
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Radiogram to the governor of Spitzbergen:

Please give us information about all measures taken Svalbard research Amundsen. Stop. Malygin July 13. Lat. 7849. Long 3400. Stop. 164





A report of the position of the icebreaker MALYGIN on the 14th of July 1928 was sent to Moscow att: Unschlicht. The bearing at 14:00h was lat. 79 00, long. 33 00. A message was included.

We are going to the area of Svalbard and intend to make flights to search for Amundsen.





The base ship for the Italian party, CITTA DI MILANO, received the rescued party from the Russian icebreaker KRASSIN, including those needing medical attention.


Radiogram dated July 18, 1928 to Moscow, Soyuznarkomtorg, att: Evgenov.

The probable arrival day of the Malygin is 30 July to 9 August.



A private telegram sent on post office form to Professor Wiese on board the icebreaker MALYGIN. The sender was Evgenov, chief of the Admiralty Hydrographic service and he was congratulating them for their safe return.



Telegram dated 24 July, 1928 sent to the icebreaker MALYGIN to advise the captain that the students of the University of Leningrad will be greeting the ship on its arrival.



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