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The Search for the ITALIA
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The ice was tightly packed when the icebreakers approached the area of the survivor's camp.


Courtesy of the Oded Eliashar Collection

Photo probably taken from the Russian rescue ship KRASSIN shows overturned rescue plane piloted by the Swedish pilot Lundborg (who rescued Nobile in his previous landing) that crashed near RED TENT.



The rescue party from the Russian ships meet and greet the ITALIA Party after the KRASSIN broke through the ice.


Courtesy of the Oded Eliashar Collection

Radiograms to Biagi on board the KRASSIN dated July 13, 1928, a day after the rescue, includes three telegrams sent to him: - first, from his family in Rome; second, from his bride in Bologna; third, from Romagna, the captain of the CITTA DI MILANO wishing him best of luck on his rescue.



Russians inspect RED TENT and the tools of the survivors after their own arrival on the icebreaker. The Swedish airplane had carried the Italian commander Nobile to safety earlier.


Courtesy of the Oded Eliashar Collection

Nobile was extracted by the Swedish flyer Lundborg and reached the CITTA DI MILANO from which he sent a radiogram to Biagi, saved with four others by the Russian icebreaker KRASSIN. The radiogram, dated 16 July 1928 states:

My dear Biagi. Thanks for your telegram. Our famous "Packing Osteria" is a castle in the clouds no more. Goodbye, cordially, Nobile.

On bottom left, signed Jodichin, radioman on the KRASSIN.



Courtesty of the Oded Eliashar Collection

Jodichin, the Russian radioman on board the KRASSIN drafted an exuberant congratulatory cable, in very bad Italian, to his comrade in profession, Biagi, for his rescue conferring upon him the title of Brother of the Lofty Skies and Ice.

The corrected text in Italian language is on the bottom paper in Biagi's handwriting.



The Flight of the ITALIA telegram to rescuers -- 1928

Congratulatory telegram sent by the Industrial north to the two Swedish pilots who participated in the search for the ITALIA, Nilsson and Svensson in Stockholm, saying:

Congratulations for your proud performance in the Polar Ice.


Working copy of a radiogram to Dr. Samoylovich on board the KRASSIN.

We are greeting the successful expedition of the Krassin. It will go down in the history of Arctic exploration.




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