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The Search for the ITALIA
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Three radiograms sent from the KRASSIN through the radio station on the MALYGIN, 'attn: Unschlicht'... Two of them report the bearings on July 1 and 2, while the third reported damages to the KRASSIN from the ice, and the damage to a plane during search flights.



Service report to the Nobile Expedition search leader dated July 7, 1928 concerning the supplies issued for the flight of an airplane. Signed, Bostanzhe.  


Working copies of radiograms between the KRASSIN and the CITTA DI MILAN early in the search.

(1) Request for position of the two icebreakers provided.

(2) Requested the position of Veglieri, and also the condition of the ice in that location as well as the weather conditions.

(3) Requested news from the KRASSIN and confirmation that the reception by the radio operators is satisfactory.


Radiogram from the icebreaker KRASSIN, via the radio station on the MALYGIN, (Samoylovich, attn: Unshlicht) 12 July 1928.

I am happy to inform you that today at 6:20h, at 80-39 latitude and 26-7 longitude two members of the Italian expedition from the Malmgren group, Zappa and Mariano, were rescued. Malmgren died near the Broct Island a month ago. He collapsed and could not continue. Chuknovsky found the explorers on a drifting floe. Mariana froze his right foot and couldn't go. Zappa is absolutely healthy. Both thank the committee for help. We are going to the Viglery group. by Samoylovich.


Courtesty of the Oded Eliashar Collection

A world-wide search was instituted for the lost ITALIA as all connections with her were lost. On the ice, the radio was damaged from the fall. Radio operator Biagi drew a plan of it in order to repair it (folded to save space, signed by him on the back).


Two radiograms on official forms sent from the expedition base ship CITTA DI MILANO. The messages in Italian were sent by Chappadicka and Escard.


Dr. Samoylovich, in charge of the icebreaker MALYGIN, is photographed with the ice pilots assigned to the MALYGIN during the search for the ITALIA.


Series of working copies of radiograms from the icebreaker KRASSIN to the MALYGIN following the first sighting of the Malmgren party that left the main camp in search of help. The messages describe their location as five miles east of Foyn Island, but the small planes were restricted by bad visibility.

Radiogram announcements were made from the CITTA DI MILANO in English, Norwegian and Italian to brief the public on the status of the rescue..

Stop. Very few landing possibilities for airplanes when they want to get off again. Stop. No big leads or big openings of water, but several small ones. Stop. Russian icebreaker seems to save good   chances. Stop.



Courtesty of the Oded Eliashar Collection

Dropped telegram to RED TENT. . .

Telegram dropped by Maddalena to the survivors on the ice addressed to engineer F. Trojani and certified by him on top on February 28, 1930.

This is the only such telegram known.


Courtesty of the Oded Eliashar Collection

Radio operator Biagi sent a letter (in April, 1929) to stamp dealer Bayer certifying that he had received 8 letters while on the ice that were delivered by Col. Maddalena, pilot of the rescue plane.

Courtesty of the Oded Eliashar Collection



Stamps with overprint to honor the expedition.


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