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The Search for the ITALIA
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A statement of services provided to the Nobile Rescue Expedition while working as Assistant Chief of the operations was submitted by A. Lavrov. Since the expedition was finished, he was requesting his compensation. An advance on his pay of 200 rubles had been received and the Hydrological Service expected it to be returned.



Receipt given to Dr. Wiese on 27 July, 1928 as he returned equipment given to him for use on the expedition. The Archangel Service of OSOVIAHIM handled the equipment.

1. 4 Maps 2. Pads of writing paper
3. Diamond glazier 4. 1 sweater
5. High overshoes 6. calico 0.3



Radiogram from the icebreaker KRASSIN to the Norwegian Admiralty regarding continued search for Amundsen's plane. Amundsen was flying to the search area. Professor Wiese pointed out the assignment of the MALYGIN to another area created a problem due to the limited amount of coal for their power needs. (The Russian effort to find some clue to the loss of the airplane was extensive, but to this day we have no explanation for its disappearance).



Official letter dated 27 July 1928 from the Northern Administration of the Merchant Navy, Att: leader of the expedition to rescue the airship ITALIA, Professor Wiese.

Please advise financial documents which confirm our expenses for the expedition and turn them back to us.

Signed by the Chief Accountant and the Manager.



Official letter from the Central Committee of Trade Unions of Water Transport workers to Dr. Wiese dated 17 August 1928.

Enclosed please find a copy of the resolution of the Central Committee of the Trade Unions. Please send us a copy of your report of activities.

Secretary Volosnikov



Service letter from the Service of Ship Security on Northern Seas dated January 3, 1929 and addressed to Professor Wiese at the Institute of the North.

According to your request we are sending you information about the observations of water temperature for the summer of 1928 in the Barents Sea. You should not have to pay for this work. I am sorry for the delay in replying.

Signed by the Chief of the Hydro Meteorological Service.