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Cook, Peary & the Race to the Pole




Captain John Bartlett sailed the S.Y. WINDWARD north to Greenland in 1898 to resupply Robert Peary -- 60 dogs and twenty tons of walrus meat.


The Obligation to Support Peary


While Peary remained in Greenland, the Arctic Club members committed themselves to support his polar quest.



Peary's Resupply Party Goes North

The S.Y. DIANA sailed from Sydney, Cape Breton, in 1899 and received a farewell party from the citizens of the town.

Invitations from the Mayor were hand delivered to the ship. Limited mail is known from the party since the short season left little opportunity for correspondence.


Lt. Robert Peary had Loyal Support

A close confidante and financial supporter of Peary expressed concern for the explorer's safety in this 1900 letter to a member of the supply group of 1899. The association of supporters formed the Peary Arctic Club and this became the present Explorers Club.


Concern For Peary

The Peary quest bonded families. The mother of Captain Hoppin,
of the S.Y. DIANA, exchanges letters with the family of a party member.

(Exhibition pieces courtesy of George Hall)

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