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Cook, Peary & the Race to the Pole


Dr. Frederick Cook
An Experienced Explorer


Cook was a member of several Arctic and Antarctic expeditions before his claim of reaching the North Pole was discredited. His assistance was sought by scientists in 1894.



Peary Recovered a Giant Meteor from Greenland

The large rock, named AHNIGHITO by the natives, was collected for the American Museum of Natural History.

The letter, addressed to Dr. Martin, was given directory service at Kobenhaven but arrived in Greenland too late for delivery. In 1897, expedition artist Albert Operti docketed it for delivery to Cornell University the following season.


Captain John Bartlett and Alfred Operti sailed together on the S.Y. HOPE during Peary resupply trips and remained staunch supporters.


Young men able to pay their passage were attached to the 1899 Peary resupply expedition as a hunting party -- and a permanent bond to support him was formed . . .


Lieutenant Peary planned his attempt at the North Pole over a number of years. In 1899 he approved taking a party of young college graduates on the resupply ship DIANA. They were known as the North Greenland Hunting Party. As part of the plan, they later became supporters in his Peary Arctic Club.

(Exhibition pieces courtesy of George Hall)

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