A Postal History Gallery of Related Events


A Russian Polar Flight Disappears


A search for the Russian long range flight piloted by Levanevsky was contracted by the Soviet government with Sir Hubert Wilkins in 1937. Two seasons of search flights failed to locate any sign of the aircraft.

A small number of covers were canceled at the request of the search crew at various post offices during the period November 16, 1937 and March 18, 1938.

To Study the Effects of the Greenland Ice Field

The Danish North Greenland Expedition of 1938-39 used studies of the influence of Greenland on North American weather.


Jan Mayen Island

At the beginning of World War II, Jan Mayen Island (in the Greenland Sea) was known as Island X, a location of strategic value as a meteorological station. All mail was canceled with the Norwegian Navy ship cancellation. Early in the 1950's the meteorological station was upgraded and the staff enlarged so that they were serviced by regular supply boats that carried mail to Tromso for servicing. A new and distinctive cancellation was used on later mail.



Formation of the Kara Sea Expedition

The radiogram was sent through the Leningrad Post Office on June 20, 1941 regarding formation of a Kara Sea Exploration Expedition . . .

From Murmansk to the Arctic Research Institute Chief Libinin.

I will be back from Murmansk Saturday evening. I leave for Archangelsk on 24 June. I need money, 7700 rubles. Denisov must leave for Archangelsk not later than Monday too.

Gakkel, Expedition Leader

Reverse side cancellation.



Vize Island

Radiogram from the Airplane H425 to the polar base at Vize Island, 13 March 1947 . . .

We are providing observations of ships in the Northern Sea Route and providing weather reports. We give you thanks for the care given to our aircraft.


Polar pilots Tomlin, Shukof and Streznev



Comrades in the Ice

The men and women who worked in the Northern Sea Administration developed a closeness so that events in each members life were remembered and honored. . .

From Ice Breaker Krassin
Radio Murmansk
N271 19 26/31 I 10

To: Otto Schmidt, Administration of the Northern Sea Route
Razina Street 12 Moscow

Thank you for congratulation, hope that the future will not slow me as I grow older. Firmly shake hand to all comrades.


(Exhibition pieces courtesy of George Hall)